Peter Dutton Wants Scary Photo Of Him Removed From The Internet, Prompts Photoshop War

Everyone just fired up Photoshop instead.

Australian immigration minister Peter Dutton was in hot water recently for claiming refugee advocates were to blame for suicide attempts on the islands of Nauru and Manus, suggesting they were self-harming in hopes of gaining access to Australia.

Photographer Alex Ellinghausen managed to snap a photo of the minister on the same day, which painted him in a less than favourable light (ie it made him look like an evil villain).

Needless to say the politician wasn't too pleased about the photo that made him look so devilish, and thus he demanded political correspondent Stephanie Peatling take it off the internet.

The general anti-Dutton sentiment in the wake of his refugee comments coupled with the proven bad idea of trying to get a picture taken down from social media led to something truly beautiful.

Social media users in Australia and beyond started Photoshopping Dutton to make him look even more menacing.

Bravo, internet.