Photo Of Naked Elderly Couple Is Teaching The World There Are 'A Million Billion Definitions Of Beautiful'

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Gerry, 75, and Darwin, 70, have been together for more than 20 years.

Now, hundreds of thousands of people have seen them naked thanks to a new project by photographer Jade Beall.

"I refuse to accept the wide spread (mostly Western) human belief system in regards to what is beautiful, especially when it comes to the sacred vessel we call our body," Beall said on Facebook.

"Why do we accept to believe that one thing must be more beautiful than another? Why cannot we embrace a million-billion definitions of beautiful?"

Beall posted the photo of the pair to announce the beginning of a new project she's embarking on.

She hopes to photograph other couples over 60 to challenge beauty standards around age.

"These elder bodies: the temples to decades of wisdom, heartbreak, strength, failure, triumph, thriving. How, I wonder, could they be anything but beautiful?" she said.

Commenting on the image, Gerry said she's happy with her appearance today.

"I love my body. I use a cane, I am having vision problems and my breasts reach to my waist, but you know what? I like me," she said.

Meanwhile Darwin admitted he "still [has] body issues".

"I would love to lose some weight," he added.

The image has been liked more than 31,000 times since it was posted on Friday, and clearly, no one is concerned by the pair's "flaws".

"They look so happy. Even if you didn't find those bodies beautiful (and they are!) how can you not be moved to tears seeing the love that flows between them?" one user said.

Another added: "So beautiful! These two people are truly stunning."

To see more of Jade Beall's work, visit her website or Facebook page.

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