11 Photographs That Celebrate The Diversity, Power And Beauty Of Women's Bodies

From single mothers to plus-size models, society has a tendency to judge, label and pigeon-hole women.

That’s why one photographer is urging us to look beyond the stereotypes, to see women as individuals rather than an homogenised group.

Underneath We Are Women’ is an empowering photo project, showcasing the stories of 100 women and offering the space for them to reclaim their bodies.

Amy Hermann, the Australian photographer behind the project, said she started it in response to the lack of diversity of women’s bodies in the media.

“I wanted to create something that was fully inclusive and made people feel like their bodies and stories were equally as worthy as those women the magazines,” she tells The Huffington Post UK.

The project, which recently launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, will culminate in a photo book.

Hermann initially asked four close friends to take part in the project. But, since launching the project, she has received more than 800 applications, globally.

She says it is a “life-changing” project for the women involved in many ways, adding that it is “rewarding” to see women blossom in front of the camera.

“In the space of just 10 minutes, during their shoot, the women’s attitude and perception of their bodies changes completely,” she says. “I actually didn’t expect that type of outcome.”

She hopes that the project will have an equally profound impact on those looking at the project.

“As they flip through and view all these incredibly diverse bodies and inspiring stories to match, I hope they can take away something that will help not only their perception of themselves, but also their perception of those around them too.”

Here are some of our favourite photos from the series.

“I Am Resilient”

“I Am Fun-Loving”

“I Am Positive”

“I Am Flirtatious’

“I Am All-Encompassing”

“I Am Strong”

“I Am Fearless”

“I Am Resilient”

“I Am Fierce”