22/08/2020 12:30 BST

Piers Morgan Blocks Loose Women's Carol McGiffin On Twitter After Coronavirus Row

“Touched a nerve?” Carol tweeted after discovering she'd been blocked.

Things might be a bit awkward the next time Piers Morgan and Carol McGiffin bump into one another in the corridors of ITV, after he blocked his fellow daytime star on Twitter.

The pair clashed on the social media site on Friday night in a row about coronavirus, prompting Piers to hit the block button on the Loose Women panellist. 

The Good Morning Britain presenter riled Carol after he tweeted: “To everyone on here deluding themselves that Covid is ‘over’, take a look at Spain’s case & death rate in the past week. Then wake the fu*k up. This pandemic has barely started.”

Piers Morgan and Carol McGiffin

She then responded, tweeting: “Piers. The only deluded person around here is you. No one’s buying your hysterical bullshit anymore. You did a brilliant job of scaring the nation into paralysis but it’s over now.”

While Piers did not reply, shortly afterwards, Carol discovered he had blocked her. 

Tweeting a screengrab showing that she was no longer able to view Piers’ tweets, she wrote: “Touched a nerve???”

On Saturday morning, Piers then tweeted: “Having to block a few T-list (and falling...) ‘celebs’ who’ve been driven bonkers by the pandemic & spew utter nonsense about the virus. They can now howl into the wind, and I will be spared their ignorant, deluded & foul-mouthed blatherings.

“It’s a win-win for all of us.”

Piers has just returned home after cutting short his holiday when France was put on the UK’s quarantine list for travellers. 

He is set to return to Good Morning Britain alongside co-presenter Susanna Reid on 1 September.