09/11/2020 18:24 GMT | Updated 09/11/2020 18:44 GMT

Piers Morgan Gives Good Morning Britain Viewers Quite The Image As He Recounts Naked Hotel Corridor Story

Susanna Reid's face said it all.

Piers Morgan left Good Morning Britain viewers with quite the image on Monday, as he regaled them with a story about the time was stuck in a hotel corridor stark naked. 

The presenter offered up the anecdote on the ITV breakfast show after correspondent Nick Dixon trapped his shirt in his hotel room door shortly before he was due on air.

Insisting things could have been much worse for Nick, Piers revealed he was once left locked out of his room as naked as the day he was born. 

He recalled: “I remember once thinking that room service had come to my door in a hotel, many years ago.

“And I went, opened the door, poked my head out, couldn’t see anything, thought they may have left it on the floor.

“Popped out, door shuts behind me. It wouldn’t have mattered if I hadn’t been completely stark naked, and then had to wander around the corridor of this hotel!

Piers Morgan recounted an awkward hotel story on Good Morning Britain

″[You’re] trying to find somebody, and of course you don’t want to bump into anybody, you want to find a phone to ring the reception, and even that’s awkward,” Piers continued.

“It was very awkward. Anyway, I sympathise with you mate,” he said to Nick.  “Yours is by far the least embarrassing thing [to happen] in a hotel.”

Piers’ stunned co-host Susanna Reid joked: “And there’s an image the other hotel residents can never unsee!”

And indeed, a story we can all never unhear. 

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