Piers Morgan Slams Boris Johnson's 'Terrible' Resignation Speech

“What a terrible final speech by a man who turned out to be a truly terrible prime minister.”
Piers Morgan and Boris Johnson
Piers Morgan and Boris Johnson
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Piers Morgan has slammed Boris Johnson’s “boasting and blathering” in his “terrible” resignation speech.

The prime minister made a public statement outside No.10 on Thursday announcing his plans to step down as Tory leader, after being told by senior Cabinet ministers that he no longer had their support.

In his address, Johnson said he was “giving up the best job in the world” as he spoke of the “pain” he felt at having been forced out by his MPs.

He also name-checked the Covid vaccine rollout, the country’s exit out of lockdown and the UK’s support for Ukraine among his government’s achievements, but failed to apologise for any of his mistakes as PM.

Following the televised address, Piers – who previously admitted to voting for Johnson in the 2019 election – did not hold back with his thoughts.

“Boris Johnson quits as he led - boasting, blathering and blaming everyone but himself,” he said.

“What a terrible final speech by a man who turned out to be a truly terrible prime minister.”

It is currently Johnson’s intention to remain in place as prime minister until a new leader of the Conservatives is elected by the party, which is likely to be in the autumn.

Piers added that Johnson “cannot possibly be allowed to linger on like the lamest of lame duck Prime Ministers”, adding: “Most of his own ministers have expressed no confidence in him.

“We have a pandemic, war and financial crisis to handle, we need real leadership not this farce.”

Many angry Tory MPs have demanded Johnson go straight away, a move which would likely see deputy PM Dominic Raab take the reins until a new leader is in place.

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