11/11/2020 13:06 GMT

Piers Morgan And Susanna Reid Hit Out At Government Ministers For 'Snubbing' Kate Garraway

"If there is one member of the team to whom they owe a particular duty to explain policy and answer questions, it would be Kate."

Piers Morgan has once again hit out at the government over its apparent ban on ministers appearing on Good Morning Britain to discuss the coronavirus pandemic.

In a new interview with The Mirror, the divisive presenter accused government officials of “snubbing” GMB anchor Kate Garraway, whose husband has been in hospital since March due to Covid-19 complications.

“OK, don’t come on when I am on. But to not come on when Kate is presenting. Really?” Piers questioned.

“You are going to snub someone whose husband is in a coma from Covid. It’s shameful.” 

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain

Co-presenter Susanna Reid also said: “If there is one member of the team to whom they owe a particular duty to explain policy and answer questions, it would be Kate. It’s shocking that they haven’t done that.”

Piers then added: “The government’s handling of the pandemic has been woeful and cost thousands of unnecessary deaths, and they should have their feet held to the fire.

“But they have managed to get to a position where they don’t expose themselves to any ferocious fires any more. It’s very nice for them but in my view they are just a bunch of gutless little weasels.”

James Gourley/ITV/Shutterstock
Kate Garraway posing with her husband Derek Draper, after leaving I'm A Celebrity last year

Earlier this week, Piers hit out live on air, as the 200th day since a government official appeared on GMB approached.

He said: “[The government has] a democratic duty to talk to this programme as they do to talk to every programme. And it is really scandalous that we’re approaching 200 days of the entire government boycotting the main commercial breakfast TV show.

“And if you care about democracy, you should be as incensed about this as we are. And frankly, if they can’t cope with a fiery, passionate interrogation about this kind of story, this kind of crisis, why would we trust them to run the country? Because that’s one of the problems, they can’t even cope with an interview. They can’t even cope with people like me, raising our voices.”

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