23/09/2021 11:03 BST

Victoria Beckham Confronts Piers Morgan Over Media Coverage In Unearthed Spice Girls Clip: 'Are You Taking The P**s?'

Posh took on the then-editor of the Daily Mirror over the constant front pages about her and David.

Piers Morgan may not be the biggest fan of the Beckhams these days, but back in the Spice Girls’ heyday, it seems he couldn’t get enough of them. 

A clip of Victoria confronting the former Daily Mirror editor over constant media coverage of them has resurfaced. 

Taken from Channel 4’s documentary series, Spice Girls: How Girl Power Changed Britain, it shows the moment Posh marched into Piers’ office back when he headed up the paper to ask why her and David were always on the front page.

Channel 4
Piers Morgan and Victoria Beckham in the unearthed clip

“It used to be when in doubt lead on the royals, now when in doubt: Posh,” Piers said. 

“Are you taking this piss?” Victoria laughed. 

Piers then explained: “No, you’re the new queen of newspapers. Queen Posh and King Dave.”

Piers went on to ask if she’d consider being a columnist for the paper, but Victoria declined, joking that it wouldn’t pay enough.

After the clip began circulating online, Piers retweeted it and commented: “God, this takes me back…Posh & Piers in the Mirror newsroom, from C4’s new Spice Girls doc. Fairly sure she’s flirting with me…”

Last year, Piers slated Victoria on Good Morning Britain, after it was reported 30 members of staff at Victoria’s fashion brand had been put on the government’s furlough scheme.

We should point out that it was later reported Victoria U-turned on this decision

In 2016, Piers also accused Posh and Becks of being “fame hungry” and “pimping out” son Cruz, after he released a Christmas single. 

Spice Girls: How Girl Power Changed Britain is available to stream now on All4.