22/02/2018 17:14 GMT | Updated 22/02/2018 17:14 GMT

The Biggest Wedding Trends For Brides And Grooms In 2018, Revealed By Pinterest

Tip: champagne dresses, capes and tweed suits are here to make an entrance.

Pinterest wedding boards reveal a lot about what people have planned for their upcoming nuptials, so for those keen to know what the most popular trends among those using the site to plan their wedding this year are, the latest Pinterest wedding report makes fascinating reading.  

High Necklines

Plunging necklines have been left on the hanger as the number of people pinning pictures of wedding dresses with high necklines has risen by 351%. Sleeves are also up by 75%, with many choosing to cover skin with sheer material. Lace is a classic choice of course. 


If you’re not into a high neckline or you feel a bit restricted in a more covered dress, a popular choice is to wrap up in a bolero, (up by 163%) or in layman’s terms, a simple jacket or cropped top matching your dress. Perfect for taking off when you’re whizzing around the dance floor later on that night. 


Many women are shunning the idea of a wedding dress entirely and are opting for a wedding jumpsuit (up 178%) - a clean, minimal, easy and modern twist on an old classic. 

What heels? 

Surprise, surprise, more women are opting out of what makes them howl an audible ‘oof’ at the end of the night: high heels. As your wedding should be a day of celebration and joy, your feet shouldn’t be the problem which is probably why many are choosing flats (up 119%).

 Is Ivory Out?

A large number of brides-to-be are choosing an off-white colour. The colour rose is up by 46% whilst the winning shade, the Champagne dress is up by 358%. 


Wave Goodbye To Veils

Apparently veils aren’t so hot this year, so be like Wonder Woman and add a cape (88% more of women are pinning and planning to do so).

Delicate Jewellery

It’s not just the engagement ring which has been pinned regularly but backdrop necklaces are also increasingly popular wedding day adornment (up 207%). For those who love a good detail when they walk down the aisle.

Suit Up?

For menswear, instead of the regular tuxedo, the dapper tweed suit (up 165%) has been selected and chosen time and time again. That also includes a tie-free look (up by 459%) for a more modern, casual look.