‘Pointless’ Episode Sent To Contestant Who Was Dying Of Terminal Cancer Ahead Of Broadcast

A family friend's letter led to their decision.

A contestant on the show ‘Pointless’, who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, was recently left devastated when her episode’s air date was delayed.

Thankfully, TV bosses came to the rescue, sending Lucy and her family a DVD of the episode, which she was able to watch before her death in a hospice just weeks later.

<strong>Jackie and Lucy on the show</strong>
Jackie and Lucy on the show

Lucy and her mum filmed two episodes of the show in late 2015, reports The Mirror, and they were initially due to be screened in late July.

However, when a week of celebrity episodes were added by the BBC, Lucy’s shows were rescheduled to this week.

Family friend Sue Winter then wrote a letter to the production company behind ‘Pointless’, asking that Lucy be able to see the episode before its air date, and they obliged.

Similar decisions have been made in the past, and LucasFilm also recently responded to a plea from a terminally ill ‘Star Wars’ devotee, granting them their wish to see ‘Rogue One’.

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