12/01/2017 18:37 GMT

'Pointless' Contestant Wins After Henrik Larsson Question, Thanks To Boyfriend's Advice

They'll never forget the name Henrik Larsson now.

One ‘Pointless’ team got a pleasant surprise this week, after a piece of advice from a loved one ended up helping them bag the £2,250 jackpot.

Friends Tasha and Jo made it through to the final of the BBC quiz show, but were unimpressed with their last question, which asked them to name anyone who’d scored a goal in Euro 2000.

As ‘Pointless’ devotees will know, the pair had to name a correct answer that no one from a survey of 100 people had been able to name in order to bag the jackpot.

While the two admitted they had no idea, Tasha came up with Swedish player Henrik Larsson, which amazingly was exactly what they needed to pocket the total at the end of the game.

The two await their fate

After discovering that they had triumphed in the game, Tasha confessed that prior to appearing on the show, her boyfriend had given her a word of advice, that wound up coming in very handy.

She excitedly told presenters Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman: “Basically, my boyfriend Alex is a massive Celtic supporter, and he knows I’m rubbish with names and things like that.

“And he said, anything football-related... he’s played for Manchester United, he’s played for Celtic, and Barcelona, I think. He said, ‘Go for Henrik Larsson’. And it paid off.”

Tasha and Jo couldn't believe their luck

Tasha and Jo aren’t the only ‘Pointless’ team to have a stroke of luck this week, after one partnership bagged £2500 with an answer that some viewers have argued shouldn’t have been allowed.

‘Pointless’ airs weeknights on BBC One.

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