Dad Successfully Uses Pokemon Go Hype To Get Sons Cleaning House With 'Chorekemon Go'

'Desperate times call for desperate measures.'

A dad used his sons’ obsessions with Pokemon Go to his advantage, by getting them to clean up the whole house.

Quick-thinking Seth King said he’d never seen his boys more motivated to clean the house and was willing to share his secret.

Chorekemon Go.

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King put googly eyes on the cleaning equipment in the house and turned them into ‘Chorekemon’ including ‘Floormander’ and ‘Dustgrub’.

The kids had to successfully catch these newly-created creatures by completely chores such as cleaning the bathroom floor or vacuuming their room.

They were awarded with point for each room they cleaned. Has getting kids to do chores ever been so easy?

(Feel free to nab the idea yourself.)

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