Pokemon Go Has The Rare Pokemon Mew, You Just Can't Catch It Yet

Has the rarest Pokemon of them all been found?

Mew, one of the rarest Pokemon ever created, could be making an appearance in the wildly successful mobile game Pokemon Go.

Posting on the site Reddit, user “_istin_” claims to have found the code for Pokemon Go and discovered that buried deep within it are a number of ultra-rare mythical Pokemon, including of course Mew.

Mew is widely considered to be one of the rarest and most powerful Pokemon.
Mew is widely considered to be one of the rarest and most powerful Pokemon.
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When Pokemon Red and Blue launched back in 1998 there started circling a myth that while officially there were 150 Pokemon available in the game this was in fact a lie.

There was a 151st, its name was Mew and it had been buried so deep within the game that many users would never find it.

This myth turned out to be correct with the highly desired character being offered to gamers at special events, eventually being available through a number of widely published cheats and tricks hidden within the game.

If the addition of Mew to Pokemon Go is true then it’s hardly surprising that its developers Niantic are keeping a lid on it.

Judging by the reaction that was prompted when a rare high-level Pokemon appeared in Central Park, New York they’ll be looking to capitalise on the scarcity of these creatures.

How Do I Download Pokemon Go On My iPhone/Android Phone?


Download Pokemon Go on Android in the UK:

You can download Pokemon Go on Android by simply heading to the Google Play store.

Download Pokemon Go on iPhone in the UK:

To download Pokemon Go onto your iPhone/iOS device simply head to the UK iTunes store and click “Get”. Yes it’s as simple as that!

Should I Choose Google Account Or Pokemon Trainer Club?

To be able to play Pokemon Go you’ll need to sign in, now you can either do this with your Google account, or you can create a bespoke Pokemon Trainer Club account.

Now the Google option is by far and away the easiest, and thanks to a new update it’s now made clear that the app is literally only using your email address rather than any of your Google account information.

However, if you’re planning on playing Pokemon Go for the foreseeable future it might be worth creating a Pokemon Trainer Club membership. Why? Well it’s a universal account that can be used for all Pokemon games and in a weekly newsletter you’ll be given the chance to get exclusive gear, extra items and there’s even talk that they’ll be dishing out free Pokemon.