23/03/2017 21:24 GMT

Police Carry Out 'Controlled Explosion' In Westminster, But Bag Found Not Suspicious

Safety cordons have been lifted.

Police have carried out a controlled explosion in Westminster, but say the unattended bag they found was not suspicious.

Reports emerged a loud bang had been heard in the area close to yesterday’s terror attack.

The Metropolitan Police swiftly confirmed a suspicious package had been found, but moved to make clear the controlled explosion was a matter of routine.

The force has been receiving a surge in calls in the wake of the attack as they have told the public to be vigilant.

 A series of false alarms have been reported across London as the city remains edgy in the aftermath of yesterday’s events. 

Curtain Road in Shoreditch, East London was cordoned off by police due to a “suspicious package” but it was later deemed not a risk.