10/09/2018 17:08 BST

Police Slang Index Helps The 'Feds' Get Down With The 'Bluds'



Police officers in Surrey might soon be able to tell their “beef” from their “GOAT”, after a list of popular slang words was drawn up to help them “engage with younger residents”.

They were joined by officers in Reisgate and Banstead, who pooled their knowledge to create an index of terms, such as “blood”, “ting” and “swear down”. 

Other words featured included “Stormzy” which is defined as “not the weather” but a “popular rapper from Croydon”.

“Youth Language”

Beef-ting fam = starting an argument

Peng = good/attractive

Bruv = brother/sibling/friend

Feds/Popo = police

Goat = Greatest of all time

Swear down = tell the truth

Although these guidelines are meant to be tongue-in-cheek, some people found it useful to read. Tara Fowler described it as “educational” on Facebook. Peter Doyle, wrote: “Excellent, it makes so much more sense now!”

Reigate and Banstead Beat Facebook page then picked it up, before commenting: “Just to make it clear, this is totally a joke! The photo is from our friends at Lancashire Police.”  

A Surrey police spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “The whiteboard is for fun and has been borrowed from our colleagues at Lancashire Police.”