Commons People: Corbyn Wins PMQs, Cameron Tells A Bad Joke And Dominic Cummings Vs The World

Jeremy Corbyn gave what was widely agree to be his best performance at PMQs yet with a take down of the Governments plans to force schools to become academies.

The Labour leader quoted a range of people opposed to the plans – who pretty much all happened to be Tories.

After getting a rare turning over by Corbyn in PMQs, David Cameron sought to shift the focus on to the London Mayoral election.

The contest between Labour's Sadiq Khan and Tory Zac Goldsmith has become increasingly bitter – with Goldsmith accusing Khan of giving cover to Islamic extremists.

Cameron repeated the attack in the Commons, leading Labour MPs to call him "racist".

After receiving designation as the official Brexit campaign last week, Vote Leave stepped up its activities this week.

Justice Secretary Michael Gove gave a long speech on Tuesday, in which he simultaneously accused Remainers of conducting a Project Fear-style campaign while claiming staying in the EU was like being locked in the boot of a car.

The Government's ongoing battle with the Lords continued this week as peers defeated plans to charge better-off social housing tenants to “pay to stay”.

MPs will next week be handed back a Housing and Planning Bill that has been dramatically altered after majority votes for the opposition brought the number of defeats the legislation has suffered to six.

This is latest in a long line of battles in the Lords for the Government, which has been made to think again on tax credits, child refugees and the trade union bill by the Upper Chamber.

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