14/09/2017 10:36 BST

Polly Pocket Makeup: This Retro Palette Is Letting Us All Pretend It's 1995 Again

Take all our pocket money😍

beauty brand has answered all our nostalgic prayers by letting us indulge our inner children with a Polly-Pocket-inspired makeup palette.

Taking their cue from the quintessential Polly Pocket boxes (just remember how much you could fit inside one of those bad boys) the beauty brand ‘Lime Crime’ are releasing a set of five eyeshadows.

But the ‘pink lemonade’ palette will be a little more sophisticated than the glitter eyeshadows and lip glosses we all rocked pre-2000, the company claims it will be made with “high-end pigments” and a Dior-esque layout.

Sadly the official UK release date has not been confirmed by the brand, although there were rumours there could be a full Polly Pocket collection if there is enough interest.

So for the time being we have been channelling our childhood memories with other Polly Pocket items, which you can shop now.

Truffle Shuffle are also releasing new products later this year, including a blue shell Polly Pocket bag - watch this space.