The Most Popular French Baby Names In 2017, Predicted By An Author

We didn't expect that to be the most popular girls' name...

The most popular baby names in France in 2017 have been predicted by an author and the results may surprise you.

Stéphanie Rapoport, author of baby name book ‘L’Officiel des Prénoms’, said she relied on official statistics from the National Institute for Statistical and Economic Studies (INSEE) and registers of births from previous years to come up with the trends.

Rapoport predicted the most popular name next year for girls would be Louise and for boys, she reckons it’ll be Gabriel.

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“Parents are looking for gentle-sounding names and therefor favour vowel sounds and short names of one or two syllables,” Rapoport told the French Le Parisien newspaper.

“The retro names are also popular, but not just any one. Classic and forgotten ones, such as Louis, Jules, Paul for boys and Lourse, Rose or Camille for girls.”

Rapoport said the popular names include those that are “short, sweet and retro” and “compound” names, with double-barrelled monikers fading out.

The names include more of an English influence than you’d expect.

Top ten predictions for French girls’ names:

1. Louise

2. Jade

3. Emma

4. Chloé

5. Alice

6. Inès

7. Léa

8. Manon

9. Lina

10. Mila

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Top ten predictions for French boys’ names:

1. Gabriel

2. Jules and Raphaël (tied)

4. Léo

5. Adam

6. Lucas

7. Louis

8. Liam

9. Ethan

10. Hugo

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