Guilty Possum Trashes Woman's Office And Becomes A Meme

The possum spent multiple days in Bree Blakeman's office and "showed no interest in alternate accommodation provided."

An Australian woman has had to deal with an extraordinary confrontation in her workplace.

Bree Blakeman, a senior research fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra, thought at first her office had been trashed when she arrived at work this week. Well, it had, but the offender, a common brushtail possum, was cute enough to get away with it:

The sheepish-faced possum quickly found internet stardom, with Blakeman’s tweet raking in hundreds of thousands of likes.

She explained in an update that the critter had fallen in through the ceiling, and she’d called campus officials to catch and relocate it ― but its departure would ultimately be on its own terms.

Come nightfall, the possum had still not expressed any interest in giving up his new lodgings.

“Looks like Possum will be spending another night in my office,” Blakeman wrote. “It showed no interest in alternate accommodation provided (+ fresh fruit). The wildlife people will check again in the morning.”

On Tuesday, Blakeman provided a “world exclusive possum update”: It was still occupying her office.

Finally, on the third day, the possum saga drew to a close. Still refusing to enter the box placed in the office to relocate him, the little guy exited the same way he came in.

Of course, three days could not go by without the new online sensation becoming the star of a few memes.