Somebody Figured Out How We're Supposed To Use Post-It Notes

And now there's so much more we can do with them! 👍🏼
Suzy Strutner

Post-It Notes have been making life better for decades now, but we've always kind of despised how they become curly after we peel and stick them onto our desks.

Apparently, this is our own egregious error: Post-Its are indeed designed to lay flat, even after you peel and stick them. We've simply been doing it wrong.

Blogger Martin Schapendonk brought this to light a few years ago, and Elite Daily relayed it to the masses earlier this month. We were so taken with the breakthrough, we simply had to try it ourselves.

Behold, the way we've been peeling Post-Its our entire lives:

And the RIGHT way to peel a Post-It Note:

So flat! No curls! All good! WOOOW!

Remember, people: Peel from the edge, not the bottom for Post-It perfection.

And now that you know how to use them, try your hand at these Pinteresting Post-It DIYS:

1. An epic Post-It collage:

2. A super-organized to-do list:

3. Really pretty DIY wrapping paper:

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