18 Practical Products You’ve Probably Never Heard Of But Will Change Your Life

You’ll honestly wonder how you ever lived without these nifty gadgets.
These practical products and gadgets will totally upgrade your day-to-day life
These practical products and gadgets will totally upgrade your day-to-day life

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Whether it’s the super speedy way to chop an onion that your nan taught you, or a cheat for putting on bedding that you saw on TikTok, we’ve all got the odd hack or two that’s worked its way into our day-to-day lives. And these handy gadgets could be next!

From kitchen aids and organisers, to gadgets designed to make everyday activities like brushing your teeth and opening parcels that little bit easier, there’s sure to be at least one item on this round-up that you just can’t resist adding to your basket.

This clever dispenser and cutter for cling film and foil
With this handy dispenser, you can wave goodbye to having to wrestle with those uncooperative cardboard boxes every time you need some cling film, foil, or baking parchment. Each dispenser has a stainless steel blade for easy slicing, and will make an aesthetic addition to your kitchen.
These clever sweat-wicking bamboo bra liners
These super soft bamboo bra liners are great if (like me) you hate nothing more than re-wearing a bra that you were profusely sweating in the day before! Simply place one of the liners inside your bra and it’ll absorb sweat and help you stay fresh.
A manual food chopper for speeding up cooking
A time-saving piece of kit, this manual vegetable chopper can even tackle tough ingredients like nuts, and blitz chickpeas into creamy hummus. Just pop in your ingredients, close the lid, and pull the handle once, twice or three times – depending on how finely you want them chopped.
This space-saving under-shelf spice rack
Often tricky to stack, filling your cupboards with small spice jars isn’t really an effective use of space. Installed with self-adhesive tape, this under-shelf drawer can hold up to seven standard sized spice jars, and is a great alternative for renters.
A water flosser that’s soft on sensitive gums
A fun fact about me is that the slightest touch of floss between my teeth will make my gums endlessly bleed. So this water flosser has been an absolute game-changer for my oral care. It comes with four nozzles and has three different modes so you can pick your preferred pressure.
This leather hole punch for shoes and belts
As someone with surprisingly slim feet, I know the pain and discomfort caused by shoes that aren’t buckled tight enough all too well! Able to create six different sizes, this leather punch plier is a must-have for me! Plus, you can also use it on belts.
These clever tube squeezers for your toothpaste
Desperate to get every last drop, I simply cannot justify throwing away a tube of toothpaste or face cream until I’ve cut it open and scraped out the leftovers. But these tube squeezers give you the same result – in a far less chaotic way.
A privacy protection stamp for your post
A great alternative to shredding or scribbling over your post, this roller stamp can be used to cleanly and quickly cover up any private information before you put your letters and cardboard in the recycling. Plus, it also comes with ink refills.
This award-winning folding chopping board
Available in a variety of sizes and colours, this chopping board was truly sent from the heavens to help all of us save time on cleaning up. Just squeeze the handle, and the sides of the board will fold up to form a chute down which chopped food or waste can be neatly guided. Completely life-changing!
A laundry hanger for pegging up damp pairs of socks
A far better use of time and space than having to individually lay out each sock on your airer, this clever contraption has 36 pegs for hanging up socks and small items, so that they dry quickly. Best of all, it can be folded up when you’re not using it.
This gadget that’ll quickly core and slice your apples
If you love to snack on a crisp apple, then this is the time-saving gadget you need! A 2-in-1 product, its stainless steel blades will core your apple, as well as slicing it into 12 uniform segments that are ready for munching!
This silicone mould tray and ice cube storage box set
I don’t know if it’s just me, but it honestly never occurred to me that if you store your ice cubes in a box or bag instead of the mould, you can always have a great supply of ice. This cute set comes with a silicone tray, a lidded box for storing your cubes, and a cute scoop!
These silicone pot strainers that’ll quickly replace the colander
With these clip-on silicone strainers, you’ll no longer need to transfer your pasta, noodles, or vegetables to a colander in order to get rid of the water. Heat-resistant and designed to easily clamp around most pots and pans, they’ll make draining much less of a faff.
These refillable perfume bottles that are great for holidays
Typically sold in large and bulky glass bottles, perfume can be pretty inconvenient to take on your holidays. So this pair of lipstick-sized refillable bottles offer the perfect solution! To fill them up, simply remove the nozzle from your perfume bottle, place the bottom of the atomiser over it, and pump to transfer the liquid.
These fridge organisers for canned drinks
Cans clogging up your precious fridge shelf space? Whether you’re inundated with beers, ciders or soft drinks, these clever storage bins can each neatly hold up to 10 standard cans. Plus, they’re see-through – so you’ll easily be able to see when you’re running low.
Some sweat pads that’ll stop underarm stains on your shirts
If too many of your shirts and tops have been ruined by underarm sweat stains, then you need these disposable pads. Super thin yet incredibly absorbent, simply tear off the adhesive, stick them in place, and they’ll stay comfortable and in place all day.
This electric device for cleaning your makeup brushes
Washing and drying makeup brushes by hand takes ages, so try this battery-powered gadget instead. Simply attach the end of a brush to the collar of the device, turn on the power and dunk the brush in the water to clean it, then raise it above the water to spin it dry.
… And a parcel opener for your many, many deliveries
Let’s be honest, you quite literally take your life in your hands every time you use a knife or spread-open scissors to open a cardboard box. A much better solution, this ceramic safety blade is 10x sharper than steel, and far less scary to use!

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