General Election 2017: Pregnant Woman Voted Labour While In Labour

'Well done to this lady'

A pregnant woman was praised for heading out to vote for the Labour party, while she was in labour.

Hannah’s husband, Robin de Carteret, from Devon, shared a video of her, standing outside their local polling station with her two-year-old daughter, on Thursday 8 June.

“We’ve come down to the polling station and I’m in early labour,” she said in the video shared to Facebook.

“And we’ve come to vote Labour.”


The pregnant mum continued: “I’m voting Labour because when this one comes out [pointing to her belly], hopefully soon, I want it to be growing up in a world where people care about each other.

“I feel really lucky that in a few hours’ time I can go down to hospital and give birth in a really amazing, supported environment with brilliantly trained staff who really care.

“Let’s not dismantle that, let’s not lose it. Labour is the party at this election that is our best possible hope.”

People praised the mum for making her stand and exercising her right to vote, despite being hours away from giving birth.

“Well done to this lady,” one person wrote. “And good luck at hospital later!”

Another commented: “Brilliant, well done and good luck at the hospital. We are all thinking of you.”

The video was viewed 65,000 times within less than 24 hours of being posted.

Although the election result may not have panned out quite how the couple hoped, let’s hope their new arrival has distracted them!

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