The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over This 'Fake' Primark Shirt

'This is like when Neo first saw the Matrix.'

Turns out, people are going about their daily lives wearing fake shirts. And people cannot handle it.

Twitter user James Kelleher, from Dublin, was disturbed to discover the denim ‘shirt’ seen on a Primark mannequin was in fact just a denim bib designed to be worn under a jumper to give the illusion the wearer has a full shirt on.

“WTF, how many people walk among us wearing FAKE SHIRTS?” he wrote.

”This is like when Neo first saw the Matrix,” he added in a later post.

As expected, the fashion revelation received a huge response on Twitter - with some users sharing their shock, and others admitting to wearing the £5 item.

Amanda Connolly, also from Dublin, confessed that she’d actually worn one of the bib shirts herself, but found “it kept riding up as if it was trying to out me itself”.

After her terrible experience with a fake shirt, she has since “gone back to real shirts”.

Kelleher later revealed he had been shown the “men’s equivalent” of the fake shirts by Melbourne-based Twitter user Keith Walsh.

Apparently Walsh claimed that “nobody in Australia wears a full shirt”.

The horror!