14/11/2018 11:36 GMT | Updated 14/11/2018 11:38 GMT

Prince Louis Is Adorable In New Royal Family Photos, But Who Does He Look Like?

Is it George? Kate? William? Or Charlotte?!

Royal fans were delighted to see the latest family photo to mark Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, and of all the talking points on Twitter, one question stood out: who does little Prince Louis look most like?

We’ve only seen a handful of photos of the prince since his birth back in April 2018 and now that he’s seven months old his features are really coming out.

Prince Louis was captured smiling in one shot while being held by his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, and staring at something off camera in another. 

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Shortly after the photos were released, people started debating which family member Louis most resembles.

Is it Kate?

Is it William?


Big brother George?

Or even Charlotte?

Perhaps a little bit of everyone?



Or, erm, a future footballer?

Yeah, we can’t decide either. Either way, he’s super cute.