Princess Charlotte Flicking Her Ponytail At School Is All Of Us When We're Nervous

Prince George's expression, on the other hand, summed up how tedious it was going back to school.

Princess Charlotte started school today – and while she grinned for some of the photos as she arrived, you could tell she was a little nervous.

A video shared by Kensington Palace on the morning of 5 September showed the four-year-old meeting a teacher at the school, alongside her brother, George, and parents, the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge.

Charlotte held onto her mum’s hand as she walked up, then stepped forward to shake the teacher’s hand.

And in a nervous habit that many of us will know only too well, she reached back and started flicking and playing with her ponytail.

Shortly after, you can see the four-year-old twiddling her ponytail, and flicking it up and down as she headed inside the school to go to her classroom. And we can totally relate.

Prince George, on the other hand, summed up exactly how we used to all feel when we went back to school: bored.

Thankfully, despite her nerves, Charlotte has her brother there while she’s at school – a royal source recently said the pair “spend so much time together” that they have learned to “lean on each other”. Perfect for when she needs to see a familiar face in the playground.

But if her school curriculum is anything to go by, she’ll be far too busy to worry about the nerves. At the private preparatory school in south London, they offer a “rich and broad curriculum”, with art, ballet, drama, ICT, French, music and PE all taught by specialist teachers.

There are also a lot of extra-curricular activities available: before school children can join the running club, the swimming squad, karate or cricket club. And from 4pm onwards, there are a wide range of after-school clubs, including fencing, pottery and even golf.