04/06/2016 16:01 BST | Updated 04/06/2016 16:04 BST

'Prison Break' Star Dominic Purcell Narrowly Avoids Death With Iron Bar Accident

Dominic Purcell shared pictures of injuries on social media.

'Prison Break' star Dominic Purcell has shared some gruesome photos after narrowly avoiding grave injury on the set of his hit show. 

The Australian actor broke his nose in two places when an iron bar fell on him during production of the new series of the TV drama in Morocco. 

He added, evidently in good humour despite his bruises: 

"Had a little accident on set. Haha ! Back at work asap. Pays to have a thick skull when an iron bar falls on your #head!! busting it open severely also broke my nose in two places. Haha. I got a free nose job out of it...... Stoked to be alive. All good.#chill. Oh. I didn't get knocked out took a knee. Ha!! Doc said I have an unusually tough tissue fiber that's what saved me apparently. Thank god for my#Viking heritage hahaha !!!!"

Dominic Purcell/Instagram

The star was flown to Casablanca for emergency treatment, where he reports doctors told him he was extremely fortunate to have tough tissue fibre under his skin, that saved him from an even worse injury. 

He later updated his Instagram followers, saying: "Grateful to be alive.

“I wish I could say I discovered something profound out of my near miss. Ummmmm nothing yet just a broken nose and a hundred stitches in my head.”

Dominic got his TV break on Aussie soap 'Home and Away' before appearing in other hit series including 'Heartbreak High'. 

Purcell, an English-born actor who starred in Australian shows like Home and Away, Raw FM andHeartbreak High, made his big break in the US as Lincoln Burrows in 2005, on Prison Break where he starred alongside Wentworth Miller. He also played Dracula in 'Blade: Trinity'. 

The new series of 'Prison Break' is due to debut next year, and a producer on the show has confirmed to Deadline that production has not been impacted, although Dominic may take a couple of weeks to heal fully. 

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