27/01/2017 13:30 GMT

Question Time Audience Member Delights Viewers With 'Sneaky Thumb Trick' On Air

Whatever next? Someone stealing David Dimbleby's nose?

Question Time covers some pretty serious subjects and Thursday night’s show was no exception. 

Diane Abbott passionately discussed the ins and outs of a potential trade deal between Donald Trump and Theresa May. 

But while most of the audience were caught up in the intricacies of international relations, one man decided it was the perfect time to practice a slight of hand trick. 

Cracking out a classic favoured by weird uncles the world over, the man pretended to pull his thumb off in front of the cameras - only to be caught by the programme’s bosses.  

Tweeting a clip of the man in a white hoodie, the official Question Time account wrote: “Dear audience member in the background. We see your sneaky thumb trick. 

“We do not encourage such behaviour. Goodnight!” 

Despite the young man’s telling off, the trick won him plenty of fans among QT viewers at home:  

Whatever next? Someone stealing David Dimbleby’s nose?