16/01/2019 12:57 GMT | Updated 16/01/2019 13:01 GMT

Quorn Launches Vegan 'Fish And Chips' (And We Can't Wait To Try Them)

It'll join the ever-growing range of vegan food products we have at our fingertips.

Vegans no longer have to miss out on one of the greatest British classics to grace our dinner plates: fish and chips.

Meat-free brand Quorn has announced it’ll be expanding its range to include two new fish substitute products later this year, designed to be served with chips and mushy peas. 

The salt and vinegar battered fishless fillets and lemon and pepper breaded fishless fillets are both made using a protein derived from fungus, which is designed to replicate the taste and texture of real fish. 

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Sourcing enough fish to feed a growing global population will become increasingly difficult, according to Quorn. In 2016, 171 million tonnes of fish were produced, with nearly 90% for human consumption alone, showing just how much we love our fish suppers.

Food wastage is also a key issue, as 27% of fish is lost or wasted between landing on our shores and being eaten.

The new vegan alternatives are designed to help Brits reduce the impact their diets have on the planet, while enabling them to still enjoy their favourite dishes.

The Quorn breaded and battered fishless fillets will launch in March 2019 and be available in all major supermarkets nationwide. 

They’ll join the ever-growing range of vegan food products on the market, from the Greggs’ vegan sausage roll to M&S’ first vegan range

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