The 'Rate My Tea' Twitter Account Is The Height Of Britishness

Procrastination at its finest.

Forget rating meal deals. Nowadays it’s all about embracing one’s heritage by offering up opinions on other people’s tea-making skills.

In what is a very British way to pass the time, Twitter users are submitting pictures of their cups of tea to a special account which then retweets the images and lets others rate their brewing skills.

Everything is at stake: from the colour of your beverage to the mug you serve it in. And woe betide those who don’t serve theirs with a custard cream.

Some of the reactions can be supportive and, you know, really positive.

But others can be downright brutal...

If you don’t have Twitter, fear not. You can rate other people’s tea-making skills on the ‘Rate My Tea’ Facebook page.

Us Brits really do know how to par-tay.

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