8 Of The Best Unique Rattan Lamp Shades You Can Buy On Etsy

Including vintage items too.

Rattan is having a resurgence thanks to a growing appetite for furniture made from natural materials.

If you want to introduce rattan to your home but don’t want to fork out on a statement chair or headboard, a rattan-effect lamp shade could provide a cheaper and easier way to trial the trend.

We’ve rounded up the best rattan-effect woven lampshades that Etsy has to offer. You are most welcome.

WeeBitOld / Etsy

Retro Woven Lampshade, Wee Bit Old, Etsy, £28

A dome-shaped vintage shade in woven seagrass with a metal frame in a near perfect condition. “When lit, it casts a beautiful dreamy shadow on the room,” says the seller. Would look 10/10 in a room filled with mismatched furniture and plants. And, bonus, delivery to the UK is free.

Size: the height is 12.8 inches and the diameter measures 15 inches at the base.

Buy it here.

AuDelaVintage / Etsy

Pendant Shade, AuDelaVintage, Etsy, £87.04

This mid-century rattan shade is in a good condition, although the seller notes that some minor repairs have been made. The shade fits standard lamp bases or can be hung as a pendant lamp – although we think it would look charming above a dining room table. Delivery costs just over £20 as it’s coming from Canada.

Size: the height is 12 inches and the diameter at the base is 16 inches with a five inch diameter opening at the top.

Buy it here.


Rattan Light Shade, NEWANTIC, Etsy, £49.11

This vintage light shade from the 1970s is perfect for adding a bohemian vibe to your home. It’s in perfect condition, according to the seller, however the one downside is that it will be shipped from France and delivery costs just over £20.

Size: the height is 11 inches and the diameter at the base is 18 inches.

Buy it here.

aBohemiansAttic / Etsy

Hanging Shade, A Bohemians Attic, Etsy, £33.93

This smaller size vintage rattan lamp from the 1960s is in a good condition with slight signs of use. Shipping is from Germany and costs an extra £12. There are two lamps available so it’s possible to buy them as a pair.

Size: the height is 18.5cm and diameter is 22cm.

Buy it here.

mybaliliving / Etsy

Woven Lamp Shade, My Bali Living, Etsy, £85.30

This stunning statement shade is made using woven rattan straws and would look utterly amazing in your living room. While shipping is free (all the way from Indonesia), the price of this shade is a little more expensive than usual.

Size: approximately 12 inches in diameter at the base and 12 inches high.

Buy it here.

aBohemiansAttic / Etsy

Boho Hanging Shade, A Bohemians Attic, Etsy, £42.88

Reminiscent of a cocktail umbrella (sans stick), this 1960s pendant features a layer of woven wood with a beige cloth underneath. According to the seller, the fabric has a few small inconspicuous spots but otherwise, the lamp is in a good age-proper condition. Shipping costs £15, as it’s being sent from Germany.

Size: 48cm diameter and 21cm height.

Buy it here.

HandmadebkkStore / Etsy

Tassel Lamp Shade, Handmade BKK Store, Etsy, £149.51

This rattan shade comes with a side order of quirkiness thanks to the black tassels around the base. While it’s the most expensive shade of the lot (and delivery is equally expensive, as it’s coming all the way from Thailand), you have to admit it’s a real statement piece.

Size: the diameter of the base is 20″ and the height is nine inches.

Buy it here.

ApothekeEstudio / Etsy

Rattan-Effect Lamp, Apotheke Estudio, Etsy, £52.71

It might look like a jazzy portable speaker but actually this is 100% lamp. The light box provides a touch of warmth and style to your space, and can be fixed to the wall if you don’t want it as a freestanding table lamp. Shipping to the UK costs £12.51.

Size: 10.2 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep x 8.2 inches high.

Buy it here.

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