05/01/2017 16:57 GMT

Razer Unveils A Laptop With Three 4K Displays Because Why The Hell Not

Utterly ridiculous.

Razer is not a company that follows the rules.

It has once again shown how much it doesn’t like following the rules with its latest concept, the Valerie.

You see Razer decided that just having the one 4K display on its laptop was actually a bit of a joke. So it went about adding not one, but two more, creating this ludicrous piece of technology:

Aaron Souppouris / Engadget

What you’re looking at is the equivalent of a 12K display comprising of three separate 4K screens, two of which automatically extend from the laptop lid using motorised stands.

Once extended Valerie uses NVIDIA’s Surround View technology to simply convert the video game’s single screen into three giving you three times the field of view.

Obviously powering three 4K displays is quite difficult, so Razer has equipped it with enough hardware to run both all three games or alternatively any virtual reality game you can throw at it.

Sadly this wonderful creation is just a concept, but thankfully knowing Razer if enough people get excited by it they just might make it.

Of course if you’re thinking of buying a 12K gaming laptop that weighs more than a car (probably) you’ll probably want to start saving now.

Or you could just buy this: