14/06/2018 08:45 BST | Updated 14/06/2018 09:49 BST

Rebel Wilson Defamation Payout Slashed By Australian Court

The actress had previously been awarded the biggest defamation payout in Australian history.

Magazine publishers Bauer Media has had the amount they’ve been forced to pay Rebel Wilson in damages slashed by an Australian court.

Last year, Bauer were successfully sued by Rebel Wilson for defamation, following a string of articles alleging that the actress had lied about her backstory on multiple occasions.

She claimed that the articles had prevented her from furthering her Hollywood career, alleging she’d been sacked from two projects, ‘Trolls’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’, due to eight different articles, and was awarded A$4.5 million (£2.7 million) in damages, the largest payout for defamation in Australian history.

Having now appealed the amount of money they were forced to pay, a court has now ruled that Bauer Media will only need to pay A$600,000 (£338,000).

NBC via Getty Images
Rebel Wilson

Rebel was not present in court as she is filming in Europe, but did tweet ahead of the appeal, pointing out that the verdict itself was not being questioned, only the amount of money paid.

The ‘Pitch Perfect’ star - who said she planned to donate the damages to “charity, scholarships or [investment into] the Aussie film industry” - wrote on Wednesday: “As I’ve said before, I have already WON the case and this is UNCHALLENGED!

“What happens tomorrow is to do with the losers[Bauer Media] quibbling about how much they now have to pay me.

“While this case was never about the money for me, I do hope to receive as much as possible to give away to charities and to support the Australian film industry.”

Back in April, it was reported that Bauer Media would also have to hand over £700,000 to Rebel Wilson in legal fees.

After becoming a breakout star in the 2011 comedy ‘Bridesmaids’, Rebel has become best known for her portrayal of Fat Amy in the ‘Pitch Perfect’ trilogy, also starring in ‘How To Be Single’, ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’ and the short-lived US sitcom, ‘Super Fun Night’.