Adorable Cat Rescued Hours Before Death Can't Stop Snuggling Saviour

That's one happy kitty.

Just hours before he was due to be put down, an abandoned kitty named Henry was saved.

And, judging by a video of him snuggling up to his foster mum, he was very “grateful” for it.

The video was recently posted on Facebook by Cat Rescue Newcastle and has since been viewed more than 60,000 times.

In it, Henry is seen climbing all over his saviour in absolute adoration.

Cat Rescue Newcastle

“One of our dedicated foster carers (Adelle) rescued this gorgeous boy today from the pound,” the rescue team explained on Facebook.

“He had a matter of hours before his time was up but we swooped in and did what we do best; saved a life.

“We ended up naming him Henry and just look how grateful he is to be saved. These are the days we live for.”

In an update, Cat Rescue Newcastle said Henry has since found a “forever home” with a permanent adoption family who chose to rename him Simba.

We love a happy ending.

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