11/10/2018 11:23 BST | Updated 08/11/2018 09:43 GMT

6 Of The Best Retro DAB Radios That'll Take You Back In Time


We’re all used to wearing vintage fashion, but recently it’s mid-century interiors which are all the rage.

From teak sideboards to velvet sofas, the past is most definitely in the present – but all these tech gadgets can end up look quite alien alongside it all.

That’s why we think retro radios – DAB ones, because we aren’t actually living in the 50s or 60s – are perfect for most homes. Whether that’s to be used when dancing around the kitchen while cooking or to switch on while having a lie in on the weekend.

  • Teal revival
    Teal revival
    This is the Ferrari of retro radios – it's available in a range of colours, but we love this bright teal colour the best. There's a lot we love – particularly the amber backlight and adjustable brightness, so you won't be having to deal with bright blue light shining in your bedroom at night.

    Roberts Revival, John Lewis, £149.99
  • Nuts for walnut
    Nuts for walnut
    We love this stylish wood finish. The 'RotoDial' controller on the top makes it easy-to-use, even for techphobes.

    R1 Deluxe Bluetooth Radio, Ruark, £219.99
  • Cult classic
    Cult classic
    We particularly love the charming analogue dial on this radio. What's more: it's portable, has 20 preset radio stations and its alarm has a snooze button. Result.

    Akai, Curry's, £49.99
  • Dotty delight
    Dotty delight
    Emma Bridgewater
    In the classic Emma Bridgewater spot print, this would look great in the kitchen – especially if you've got the mugs to match. We love the 5 watt speaker and it has bluetooth connection.

    Emma Bridgewater, £89.95
  • Less is more
    Less is more
    Bush Classic
    If you want a fully retro look, try this ultra minimalist radio. The lack of digital screen makes it look even more authentic and it's teeny at just 13.5cm x 13 x 9cm, which is perfect for little spaces.

    Bush Classic Mini DAB Radio Cream, Sainsbury's, £30
  • Nice knobs
    Nice knobs
    This has got everything you need: a dual alarm system and bluetooth. And we love the brown strap against the cream on this.

    Blaupunkt Cream Retro, Sainsbury's, £50

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