18/01/2017 20:52 GMT | Updated 18/01/2017 22:01 GMT

Paul Golding Of Britain First Pranked By BBC2's Revolting Show

'What a turd blossom!'

Paul Golding has been unwittingly pranked by BBC Two’s comedy show Revolting.

The Britain First leader was interviewed by Eugene X, a “totally non-racist South African” who looked to him for tips for his multi-cultural holiday.

Flanked by an ominous-looking security guard, Golding appeared to be completely unaware of the set-up despite the odd questions and dubious accent.

Eugene then visits Erith dressed in traditional Nigerian dress “to fit in”.


Elsewhere, Golding has only been out of a prison for a week, having been jailed in December for breaching a court order not to enter a mosque, but has already released a threatening video.

He says his time in Pentonville Prison made him “more bitter” and he threatens “journalists and politicians” who have committed “crimes against our nation”.

Campaign group Hope Not Hate, which fights the Far Right in Britain, warned the video was a “chilling threat” from a group that was already “volatile”. 

Full story on that video here.