02/07/2019 10:26 BST

Rihanna Watches The Cricket In County Durham And Fans Have A Lot Of Feelings

Who has ever looked this cool at the cricket before now?

We’ve been nothing short of shook by Rihanna’s recent low-key move to Britain, including her love of Boots and trips to Sainsburys, but her latest UK day out is undoubtedly our favourite ever.

On Monday night, the Grammy-winning singer paid a surprise visit to County Durham, where she was seen in the crowd watching the cricket match between Sri Lanka and the West Indies.

Yes, you read that correctly. Rihanna. In the North East. Enjoying some cricket and a bevvy. And by the looks of things, was getting right into it, too.

PA Wire/PA Images
Literally Rihanna at a literal cricket game
PA Wire/PA Images
Who has ever looked this cool at the cricket before now?
PA Wire/PA Images
No, her team didn't end up winning...

Rihanna even showed her support for the West Indies on the International Cricket Council’s official Twitter page (“Watch out for @rihanna’s new single, Shut Up And Cover Drive”, they tweeted, which we’re guessing is a sports joke that’s gone over our heads), as well as sharing a snap on her own Instagram…

And needless to say, fans were pretty excited to see Rihanna soaking up some sun in the stands at Chester-Le-Street...

Sadly, the support of Rihanna didn’t help the West Indies, who ended up losing to Sri Lanka by 23 runs (check us and our sports coverage, eh?).

Rihanna revealed her stealth move to London in an interview with the New York Times earlier this year, seemingly so she could be closer to the team who are helping her launch her luxury Fenty clothing line.

What’s more, she also disclosed that she’s been known to walk among us mere mortals, admitting “walking around the block” is her favourite London activity, noting she does “try to keep it a little incognito” when she’s out and about. 

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