21/08/2016 12:50 BST | Updated 22/08/2016 11:30 BST

Rio 2016 Olympics: #Copacabanter And Dan Walker's Best Bits, From Maria The Bride To #CopacaBinmen

The true heroes of the Olympics.

As the Rio 2016 Olympic Games draw to a close, it’s not just the outstanding athletic performances that will be sorely missed but also the nightly #Copacabanter.

BBC Four’s memorable coverage from Copacabana Beach regularly made headlines and spawned a number of unique hashtags, such as #CopacaBinmen and #Copacapigeon.

Whether it was a Brazilian bride-to-be gatecrashing a BBC segment or a distracting couple ‘reading’ on the beach, the coverage from the famous strip always offered up new surprises, with presenter Dan Walker taking it in his stride.

As we bid farewell to what has been a record-breaking Olympic Games for Team GB, we also say goodbye to Walker and the BBC Four team who have given us so many memorable moments these past two weeks.

Here’s a look at their best bits:


1. Hen do gatecrashes the BBC’s Olympic coverage

BBC Four
Bride-to-be Maria was on her hen do when she joined Dan Walker for a chat live on air.

A Brazilian bride-to-be became an overnight sensation when she gatecrashed a BBC live segment while she was on her hen party earlier this month.

Walker was doing his piece to camera on BBC Four late last Saturday night when at least a dozen women stumbled past, tied together and singing. 

Walker pointed out the future bride and invited her over for a live television interview. 

As she approached, with a perplexed security guard clearly not quite sure what to do, Walker joked: “This could be interesting.” 

The bride, called Maria, said she was getting married on September 17. Upon finding out that they were live on TV, she said: “I watch BBC.” She then led her hen party in chanting the national broadcaster’s name.

“This is lovely,” Walker said in disbelief. 

2. The mother of bride-to-be Maria also drops in for a chat

BBC Four
Maria’s mother, Hercilia De Cezar, also stopped by for a chat with Walker.

Maria’s mother, Hercilia De Cezar, popped down to see Walker following her daughter’s surprise appearance on the show.

The mother-of-the bride said she wanted to say ‘hello’ to everybody and invited Walker to her daughter’s wedding.

Responding to the fact that her daughter’s BBC clip has been watched more than 15 million times, the proud mother thanked everybody for their messages of support.  

3. Being photobombed by people ‘having sex’ - or just reading a book

BBC Four
No-one was quite sure what was going on in the background behind Walker, but he insisted that the pair were just 'reading a book'.

Walker was left red-faced on Thursday night when a couple appeared to be having sex on the beach behind him during coverage of the Olympic Games in Rio.

The 39-year-old presenter insisted the two were just “hugging” or “reading a book in a strange pose”, yet told viewers they would not be zooming in any further.

4. #Copacapigeon stealing the show

BBC Four
Dan Walker got distracted when two pigeons joined him on set, sparking the brilliant hashtag Copacapigeon.

Walker got very excited at the site of a pigeon walking through the BBC’s set, saying: “It’s nice to have a bit of live bird based action.”

He asked the camera to focus on his winged friend, before exclaiming: “Oh, there’s two pigeons. A brace of pigeons live on BBC Four.”

He then apologised for getting distracted by the pigeons.

No apologies needed at all, Dan.. 

5. ‘Antony Worrall Thompson’ exercises on the beach

BBC Four
BBC Four captured 'Antony Worrall Thompson' exercising on the beach.

Walker and the BBC Four team became convinced that Antony Worrall Thompson’s doppelganger was exercising on the beach. 

They kept us regularly updated with the exercises the British chef’s lookalike was doing and even asked him for an interview.

Unfortunately it was not meant to be as he did not speak any English.


6. And who could forget the #CopacaBinmen?

Arguably the true stars of the BBC Four Olympic coverage were the #Copacabinmen, who appeared on our screens every night clearing up Copacabana Beach.

They immediately became an international sensation and, on Saturday night, Walker and the BBC team awarded them three gold medals for their stellar performance these past few days.