10/01/2017 18:09 GMT

This Robot Barista Wants To Make You A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Cappuccino, anyone?

We’ve seen all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets come out of this year’s CES, but this robot barista has to be one of the quirkiest.

Developed by Chinese firm Bubblelab, the robot learnt its craft in a coffee bar in Beijing. 


But while it might serve up a delicious cup of coffee, it’s inventors say it’s not designed to put a barista out of their job. 

The firm’s Jacky Shai told USA Today: “The barista doesn’t have time to communicate with the customers.

“That’s the purpose of our robot. The barista can now come out and talk to the customers about how they feel.”

Other contenders for this year’s most bonkers CES announcement include BMW’s Acer’s $9,000 gaming laptop and LG’s paper thin flat screen TV.