Rochelle Hulmes Asks For Parenting Advice After Her Daughter's Pet Died


Many parents think that buying a pet for their child is a great way to teach them about the circle of life.

But, it always feels a little harder than that when you actually find them floating in the fish bowl.

Now Rochelle Hulmes has taken to Twitter to ask other parents what to do after she found out her three-year-old daughter Alaia’s goldfish had passed away.

The Saturdays singer said: “Do I tell her in the morning the truth (in a nice way) or is the fish on holiday?”

Lots of parents wanted to help her out and offered a variety of advice.

Shannon Mitchell said: “Holiday and buy her a new one, darker one and says caught a tan.”

Jade said: “Tell her he’s gone to find Dory with Nemo.”

“Replace the fish in the morning. Quick stop at Pets At Home at 9am,” said Sham Smith.

In the end it seems Rochelle decided to go with honesty as the best policy and tweeted: “We’ve gone for honesty.”

“Thanks guys. Sometimes its hard to know the right thing to do when you just want to protect your little one.”