Is This Rosé-Gin Hybrid The New Drink For Summer?

We're not so sure.

Chances are, your first foray into wine involved especially sweet rosé, luminously pink in colour and almost definitely produced by Echo Falls.

And now, the bevvy of teenage house parties past has gained a summer twist – a “gin infusion”, alongside strawberry and raspberry flavours.

The bottles are available exclusively in Co-op stores now and although rosé and gin may be a “match made in heaven” as Echo Falls claims, we’re yet to be convinced – just imagine the hangover.

But at just £5 per bottle, those with a sweet tooth may have just found a bargain ready-made cocktail.

For everyone else though, we’d recommend a dry rosé that’s usually paler in colour. Katie Smith, national account executive at Bibendum Wine, previously told HuffPost UK: “Try Provence rosé from the South of France if you are looking for something drier and food-friendly.”