This Moth Reminds Us Of A Battenberg Cake – Plus Other Cute Animals To End The Week

Just make sure you don't accidentally eat it.

Pet owners were out in full force this week, summing up their furry friends in just five words on Twitter. The hashtag – #MyPetIn5Words – even started trending.

“She is cooler than me,” “a good judge of character,” and “he looks down on me” were some of our favourite submissions.

The strangest? “The kindest silliest clown ever,” accompanied by a photo of a doggo who looks far too much like Pennywise for our liking. Yikes.

And that’s not all for animal stories this week, here are five more to fill your Friday morning.

1. A reminder that our pets really do know when we need them. Even cats.

Sure, we knew this anyway – but it’s always nice to have a reminder, right? Two Twitter users shared tales of their pets comforting them when they were in need of a little TLC this week.

As one of them said, dogs ARE love.

2. Moths are a lot prettier than we thought.

They may have a bad reputation for ruining our clothes, but look at this rosy maple moth. This gorgeous moth reminds us of a Battenberg cake with its gorgeous pink and yellow stripes.

It’s called the Dryocampa Rubicund – great name! – and found in the US across the eastern states.

3. Unsuspecting dog ends up as a meme.

When one dog owner invited Twitter to photoshop their dog, users didn’t disappoint.

Here are a few of the weirdest submissions.

4. It’s a stowaway!

We all get a little jealous when one of our loved ones goes away on a trip. But unlike this kitty, few of us are small enough to try hitch a ride in their bag.

Bonus point: can you spot the small cat who’s jealous of her friend’s quick-thinking? (Clue: top right corner.)

5. This cool guy leads a better life than you.

And has cooler shades, too.