Sainsbury's Christmas Advert Praised For Reflecting Modern British Families

Because every family is a family.

Sainsbury’s has unveiled its Christmas advert, with many claiming the ad has beaten festival rival John Lewis at its own game.

Apart from featuring the dulcet tones of James Corden, many have praised the retailer for “reflecting modern British families” in all their diversity.

The stop-frame animation called ‘The Greatest Gift’, follows a father trying to juggle everything so he can spend time with his family at Christmas.

The advert, which will be shown in full on Monday evening, features same sex parents, an interracial family and a single father.

Head of Broadcast Comms at Sainsbury’s Sarah Kilmartin said: “We wanted to reflect a modern Britain and a diverse Britain. That’s what we feel like we’ve done throughout the whole piece of work. We’ve made sure we’ve got a true reflection of what we see out there every day.”

Matt Horwood spokesperson for Stonewall, an LGBT rights charity, said in a statement: “Advertising should reflect modern Britain, and this certainly includes accurate and diverse representation of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. When brands choose to include LGBT people in advertising, without tokenism or stereotyping, it sends a strong message of support and encourages others to follow suit.”

Last year, Sainsbury’s ‘Mog The Cat’ advert won the battle of Christmas adverts, by outperforming John Lewis’s ‘Man On The Moon’.

Sainsbury’s has dedicated its Christmas advert to raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital as the retail giant attempts to take the festive crown from long-time rival John Lewis.

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