Salisbury Praises Conservatives For Repealing Poppers Ban With A Very Public Message

It nose how to celebrate.

Residents in the city of Salisbury are being treated to an offer on a sex enhancement drug - and the deal's certainly not one to be sniffed at.

People there are celebrating after ministers U-turned on plans to outlaw alkyl nitrites, otherwise known as poppers.

According to FRANK, the government's drug advice website, poppers "make it easier for some people to have anal sex".

The proposed ban was included as part of a wider crackdown on legal highs.

But news poppers would remain legal was cheered by many, not least a sex shop in Salisbury.

Ben Howlett, the Tory for Bath, was pretty relaxed about a deal they were advertising:

His post featured local sex shop Erotica Belle, who put a sign on the street praising the Conservatives for sparing poppers from being axed.

It also offered a '2 for the price of 3' deal for shoppers to celebrate.

Mr Howlett came under some criticism after posting the picture for having voted with the Government to include poppers in the legal high ban as part of the Psychoactive Substance Bill.

But was also offered some advice for his weekend plans.

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