Sats 2019: Can You Pass This English Test Aimed At Year 6 Children?

Not gonna lie, they're pretty tricky.

Thousands of children in Year 6 are doing their SATs exams this week – and it’s likely many of them are feeling the pressure.

So, why don’t you step into their shoes for a moment and try out some of the questions they could be tackling this week.

You can do a test online, with 10 questions taken from the actual SATs English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers from 2017 and 2018.

There’s a timer, and you only have 10 minutes to complete it – so how well can you do?

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Here’s a taster of three of the questions...

1. Which sentence contains a relative clause?

:: The boy who I met at the park is in my class.

:: The team is going to play a match tomorrow.

:: Sue said that she wanted to learn to play the drums.

:: Whenever they have time, they like to go cycling.

2. Find the possessive pronoun in the sentence below.

The boy showed me around the school. He took me to the music room and pointed out which classroom was his.

3. Tick every sentence that contains a modal verb.

:: Yusuf and his sister go swimming with their dad.

:: Yusuf and his sister might go swimming with their dad.

:: Yusuf and his sister love swimming with their dad.

:: Yusuf and his sister must go swimming with their dad.

Find the answers and complete the full test here.

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