11/02/2021 13:34 GMT

The Roses' Mansion From Schitt's Creek Goes Up For Sale – And It's All Yours For A Cool £8.5m

We can see why Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis were so reluctant to leave.

The Rose family had the indignity of being evicted from their opulent mansion in Schitt’s Creek, but now it could be yours (admittedly, if you have some millions casually lying around). 

The Canadian residence that Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis lived in prior to their financial ruin in the hit sitcom has gone on the market in real life, according to The New York Post

But the 12-bedroom and 16-bathroom property, which is located in the wealthy St Andrews-Windfields neighbourhood in Toronto, will set you back a cool $15,000,000CAN (around £8.5m). 

However, that’s actually a bit of a bargain as it was previously on the market in 2018 for $21,000,000CAN.


The mansion boasts an outdoor pool, sauna, games room, wine cellar, cinema, golf simulator and a banquet hall, as well as parking for 14 cars. 

It also features the marble staircase and landing that characterises the Roses’ former residence in Schitt’s Creek. 

The mansion is the setting of the very first episode of the Canadian sitcom, where the family are being forced to hurriedly pack up their belongings and leave, after Johnny’s financial manager embezzled all their money and they were evicted by bailiffs. 

The Rose family in Schitt's Creek

It is then seen in flashbacks in the 2018 festive special, where Johnny and Moira host their famous Christmas Eve spectacular. 

Originally debuting in 2015, Schitt’s Creek experienced an explosion in popularity in 2020, mainly thanks to a mixture of word of mouth during lockdown and its clean sweep at the Emmys.

Its final season, which aired last year, has also seen it nominated for a host of Golden Globes

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