15/11/2018 17:20 GMT

School Bans Expensive Designer Coats In Bid To Stop 'Poverty Shaming'

Woodchurch High School say they want to keep uniform costs low for parents and carers.

A secondary school in Merseyside is to ban coats from high-end brands including Canada Goose and Moncler in a bid to stop poverty-shaming.

Woodchurch High School in Birkenhead say students will be prohibited from wearing the coats from January – a move which the assistant headteacher Mr Smith said had been welcomed by parents and carers.

The coats, some of which use real fur on their hoods, can clock in at up to £650 for a children’s parka, while adult sizes can cost as much as £1,000 or more.

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A spokesman for the Church of England school told the Liverpool Echo that they were concerned with “poverty proofing” and wanted to keep uniform costs low for parents and carers.

In a letter sent home, Smith said: “As you are all aware from an email that was sent out yesterday, pupils will not be permitted to bring in Canadian [sic] Goose and Monclair [sic] coats after the Christmas break.

“The support from parents/carers has been overwhelmingly positive and we are ver thankful for this.

“Some have also asked whether Pyrenex coats, which are also in a similar price range (with some also having real fur) will also be prohibited.

“I am writing to confirm that these brands will also be prohibited after Christmas.”

The school, which has 1,400 students, told the Liverpool Echo: “We are concerned with poverty proofing in school, where issues can routinely, if unintentionally, stigmatise children living in poverty and contribute to the increasing cost of the school day to parents and carers.

“It has always been our policy to minimise the cost to parents and carers of uniform.”

The move was welcomed by some social media users, with one writing on Twitter: “I think this is completely fair. School isn’t a fashion show, you’re there for an education.”

HuffPost UK has contacted Woodchurch High School for comment.