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Popular Baby Names: Scotland's Top Names For Girls And Boys In 2016 Including Lillie, Florence And Arlo

Unique names included Gypsy and Diamond.

The full list of Scotland’s most popular baby names in 2016 has been released, and it has highlighted some of the biggest risers.

The National Records of Scotland revealed in December 2016 that Jack and Olivia were the top names for boys and girls, and on 14 March they released the full list of baby names.

High-rising names for boys included Arlo, which jumped 100 places to 94th and Arthur, which jumped 65 places to 86th.

Lillie jumped 70 places to 90th in the girls’ list and Florence rose 52 places. 

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The complete list also showed other names for boys that were increasing in popularity included Finn, Jude, Hamish and Carter; and for girls: Phoebe, Zara, Violet and Emilia. 

Some of the unique names that were given to only given to one baby born in 2016 were Diamond, Nero, Rocky and Gypsy.

See the top 10 names in the lists below and have a look at the complete list of baby names here

Top 10 boys’ names 2016

  1. Jack

  2. James

  3. Oliver

  4. Lewis

  5. Noah

  6. Logan

  7. Harry

  8. Alexander

  9. Leo

  10. Charlie

Top 10 girls’ names 2016

  1. Olivia

  2. Emily

  3. Sophie

  4. Isla

  5. Ava

  6. Amelia

  7. Jessica

  8. Ella

  9. Lucy

  10. Charlotte

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