24/06/2016 13:25 BST | Updated 24/06/2016 16:10 BST

Will There Be A Second Scotland Independence Referendum?

Another Scottish independence referendum is 'highly likely'.

As the prospect of a second Scottish referendum draws closer to reality following Britain's decision to exit the European Union, people are again wondering how independence would affect their nationality.

Nicola Sturgeon this morning said another Scottish independence referendum is “highly likely”, after she revealed the Scottish government will begin to prepare the legislation for a fresh vote to break-up the union.

But would you still get to be a Scottish citizen in an independent Scotland? What happens if you were born in Scotland and moved elsewhere? Or what about if you are a migrant living in Scotland?
In an independent Scotland all British citizens born or habitually resident in Scotland on day one of independence would have the right to acquire a Scottish passport

In a hugely significant step, the First Minister of Scotland made clear Scotland voting for Remain - in common with London and Northern Ireland - cleared the way for a repeat of the 2014 ballot.

Sturgeon said it is “democratically unacceptable” that Scotland would be taken out of the EU “against its will”, and it will take “all possible steps and explore all options” to stay in the bloc. 

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The Scottish government’s previous white paper for independence, unveiled by former first minister Alex Salmond, read: "Deciding who is a citizen is a defining characteristic of an independent state and future Scottish governments will have the power to determine rules on citizenship and nationality.”

"At the point of independence, this Government proposes an inclusive model of citizenship for people whether or not they define themselves as primarily or exclusively Scottish or wish to become a Scottish passport holder. People in Scotland are accustomed to multiple identities, be they national, regional, ethnic, linguistic or religious, and a commitment to a multi-cultural Scotland will be a cornerstone of the nation on independence."