Second Shot Coffee Is A Cafe Employing Homeless People

"The feeling of helping others is just amazing."

A coffee shop set up to help people affected by homelessness has handed out 300 free meals in just three months.

Founded by 21-year-old Julius Ibrahim, Second Shot Coffee runs a “pay it forward” scheme where customers can opt to purchase a coffee or food for people in need.

Not only does the East London cafe hand out free meals, it also partners with charities to employ the homeless - whatever their circumstance.

Those who are employed get food safety, shop management and barista training, and are then helped to transition into a permanent job.

“I came up with the idea after I moved to London and saw how many people were affected by homelessness,” explains Ibrahim, who funded the project via a kickstarter campaign. “I realised I really wanted to do something to help.”

Visit the Bethnal Green store’s website for opening hours and contact details.