02/11/2020 16:50 GMT

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn Has The Tables Turned As She Shows Viewers Around Her Own Home

Christine says she likes things in her home to be "dripping in gold" – and she's not exaggerating.

We’re used to seeing her showing the wealthy elite of LA around fabulous (and completely unaffordable) homes, but Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn had the tables turned on her during her upcoming appearance on MTV Cribs.

In a preview clip for her appearance on the rebooted series of Cribs – which airs tonight – Christine is seen showing a camera crew around her home, including her living room and kitchen.

And yes, it’s pretty much everything you would expect from the Oppenheim Group realtor.


Early on in the tour, Christine says her taste in home decor includes items that are literally “dripping in gold”, showing off a coffee table and side table as examples.

She then reveals she’s “just got back from the office”, and is seen lighting some sage to rid herself of any “negativity” that she’s inadvertently walked into the house. 

Christine lights some sage in a bid to rid her home of negative energy

Christine then walks through to her kitchen, which includes two dishwashers (for some reason), before showing off the contents of her fridge to the world.

“You guys are probably looking for the food right now,” she explains, gesturing towards the shelves of Red Bull, champagne and bottled water in her fridge. “Let’s just say I’m enjoying a lot of five-star room service right now.

“There are obviously bottles of water, but that’s just for my dogs, because I’m not a monster, I’m not giving them LA tap water.” 

Christine eyes up the contents of her fridge

Finally, she arrives in the dining room, which only has two seats at its table, which Christine notes is a “great excuse to not have guests over”.

Probably for the best, Christine, unless the guests in question are big fans of Red Bull and leaving with empty stomachs…

Christine recently confirmed that Selling Sunset would be returning for a fourth series, although it seems things could be looking a little different when it comes back, as many of the agents featured have left the Oppenheim Group for a rival company.

Watch Christine’s full appearance on MTV Cribs on Monday night at 8pm on MTV.